How to Make Construction Trucks Birthday Cakes

When your little boy is into construction trucks, it's natural to turn that love into a birthday party theme. Give your son a real surprise when you prepare a construction truck birthday cake to go with the decorations and games.

While a construction truck birthday cake may seem hard to create, it's really not too tough. Once you get the idea behind cutting up cake pieces to create the basic shapes of construction trucks, the possibilities are endless. Start with this digger truck birthday cake. You'll get lots of compliments and the guests will be excited to "dig" in.

Bake cakes in two bread loaf pans. Once cool, set one loaf in the centre of the decorating tray as the main body of the digger truck.

Use two pretzel sticks to simulate the scoop arms. Insert the broken ends into the front of the digger's main body.

Gently push the other cake loaf onto the extended pretzel sticks, doing it so the loaf will actually rest horizontally in front of the main body. This will be the scoop of the digger truck.

Use a sharp knife to shape the scoop and cut out the scoop's indentation. There should be about 1 inch around the hollowed-out portion. Gently remove the excess cake pieces.

Use frosting to fasten the doughnut wheels to the body--the two large go in the rear and the small doughnuts in the front.

Completely frost the digger cake with a crumb layer. This is a layer of frosting that is designed to cover all the cut or ragged edges of cake in order to seal it and prevent crumbs from making it to the decorated layer of frosting. Put the cake in the refrigerator for an hour to make the frosting nice and stiff. Then remove the cake and continue decorating.

Decorate the digger cake. Fill the cake decorator tube with yellow frosting and cover the body and scoop with frosting texture. Switch to a brown frosting bag for the tires. Use an orange gumdrop for a dome light, two round candies for headlights and so forth. Use any other decorations you can think of that will enhance the look of the digger truck.

Give the digger cake a canopy. Insert the ends of 4 pretzel sticks in a square towards the "rear" of the digger body. With frosting, fasten a graham cracker to the top of all 4 pretzel ends to create a driver's canopy.

Spread the crushed chocolate sandwich cookies in the digger's scoop to simulate dirt being moved around on a construction site. If you want, fill the scooper with candy coated chocolate candies for a more whimsical workload.