Build your own utility trailer

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Utility trailers can be used for a variety of tasks and are every landscaper's best friend. If you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to spend an afternoon working with metal and save a few pounds, you can build your own utility trailer.

Follow these instructions to build your own utility trailer for yard work or other small odd jobs.

Build a 1.2 by 1.2 metre (4 by 4 foot) metal frame out of the 5 cm (2 inch) square metal tubing. Use the hacksaw to cut out five 1.2 metre (4 foot) lengths of tubing. Weld together a square frame from four pieces of the tubing and then weld a cross member in the centre of the tubing lengthwise. This will serve as the basis for your trailer frame.

Weld the two wheel hubs onto each side of the trailer, making sure that the cross member is situated directly behind each hub like a straight axle. This will help balance the trailer and give it stability. Weld a 90 cm (3 foot) length of tubing onto the centre front part of the trailer (this becomes the tongue) and then use the included hardware from the hitch kit to mount the bolt-on hitch to the trailer tongue.

Cut the treated lumber to 1.2 metre (4 foot) lengths. Lay them down on the trailer frame and bolt them down with the lag bolts. You can either leave a bit of space between each board to allow mud and water to fall through, or you can butt them up tight against one another to make a solid floor.