How to make a web page fit the monitor screen

If you want to view a web page in a full screen, it can easily be done. This will discuss the steps necessary to take to view web pages to fit the monitor screen with Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer 7 browsers. Depending upon your specific browser, the names of the menus and tabs might be different. Follow the instructions for your browser and you will be finished in a couple of steps.

Open your browser to the desired web page.

For Internet Explorer 7, close the status bar by going to View menu at the top. Deselect "Status Bar" from the View menu. Then return to the View menu and select Full Screen mode. You can also use the keyboard shortcut of pressing ALT and Enter at the same time. Hit ESC to exit the full screen mode.

For Netscape, download the plug-in from the Netscape website. After this is installed, you will see a full screen button added to your tool bar. Click on this to fill the monitor with the web page in full screen mode.

For Firefox, first close the status bar by deselecting it in the View menu. Then press the F11 key for full screen mode. You can exit full screen by hitting the ESC button.

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