How to make a Kiss costume

Wok/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

One of the most recognisable rock bands ever is Kiss. Kiss has been around since the early 1970s and are known as much for their black-and-white face make-up and their wild outfits as they are for their music. You can go solo and create a Kiss costume for yourself. Or get a group of friends together and rock any party when you all show up dressed as the members of Kiss.

Cut a large V-shape down the centre of a tight, black T-shirt. For the best rock effect, cut the shirt down to the bellybutton, to show off the chest. Glue acrylic rhinestones onto the shirt, following the "v" pattern. Cut the sleeves off the shirt. Glue rhinestones around the edge of the sleeve. A black tank top or a black vest would also work.

Put on a pair of tight, black trousers or bike trousers. Draw lines with chalk where you want to cut out two or three large circles or stars. Remove the trousers and cut out the shapes with scissors. Glue aluminium foil around the edges of the cutout shapes.

Cut the legs off a pair of black tights. Stretch one piece over your hand and arm. Cut out a small hole for one or two fingers. Remove the tights. Glue aluminium foil or acrylic rhinestones onto the homemade gloves. Use black craft leather to tie around the gloves on the forearm or elbow, to keep them in place. Also make a collar for your neck, using scrap material from the T-shirt or the hose.

Paint your face white with costume make-up. Add a design to your face including one large black star around one eye. Or draw two black or silver stars, one for each eye. Use green make-up to make cat eyes. Colour lips black or red.

Accessorise the Kiss costume with studded belts and silver chain jewellery. Or become a specific member of the group. For further inspiration on how to rock out your costume, visit (see Resources).

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