How to renew a Nigerian passport

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The lifespan of a Nigerian passport is 10 years, with an initial validity of five years. After the first five years, you are required to renew your passport, and after 10 years you will need to obtain a new passport, also called a reissue. When you renew your passport, a renewal sticker stating the next expiration date (five years from the renewal date) is placed on the observations page. You can renew your passport at the Passport Office of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), if you are within the country, or at the Nigerian embassy or consulate if you are outside the country.

Renewing your Nigerian passport

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Find the nearest passport office, if you live in Nigeria. See a link in Resources for a list of NIS offices, zonal offices and passport offices around the country and their contact information.

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Contact the nearest NIS office and find out its specific procedures for renewal applications, such as whether an appointment is necessary or if walk-ins are accepted, what the renewal fee is and how you should make your payment. Make an appointment if necessary. Bring your passport, as well as the renewal fee, along to your appointment at the passport office.

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Contact the nearest embassy or consulate, if you are outside Nigeria, to find out what the policies for renewal are. Ask if walk-ins are accepted. Ask if you can mail in your passport. Find out how much it costs and how you should send in your payment. If you live close enough, then you may want to go in and have your passport renewed. If you are farther away, mail in your passport. See a link in Resources for a list of Nigerian consulates and embassies abroad and their contact information.

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Before renewing your passport, you'll need to apply online for it. Browse to and fill out the ePassport Application form. Once you've filled it out, you'll need to pay the administrative fee for the renewal. After executing the payment, you will receive a Validation Number you can use to confirm and get the Acknowledgement Slip to request your passport. You can find more detailed instructions on the link to The Nigeria Immigration Service below.

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