How to Make Big Clown Shoes at Home

Making a pair of big clown shoes at home is very easy. You most likely already have the materials on hand. These shoes come in handy for a Halloween costume, dress-up play date or a themed birthday party.

Find a pair of old boots or sneakers. They have to be a very large pair, so look for a pair of your Dad's old work boots. These will probably be at least three sizes too big for you. If you don't have a pair like this at home, you may have to buy a pair of extra large boots. You want the tips of the clown shoes to be floppy when you wear them.

Prep the large boots or sneakers with sheets of newspaper. Ball up the newspaper and stuff the insides of each sneaker. This will help keep the paint from getting on the inside of the shoes. Remove the laces if any. You'll need to change these, anyway, to a more clown-like pair of shoelaces.

Bring the prepped shoes outside of the home, along with enough newspaper to lay on the porch or grass under the shoes. Bring your spray paint outside. Place the stuffed shoes on top of the newspaper, one at a time.

Shake the spray paint according to the directions on the can. Spray each shoe the clown colour you want it to be. Most clowns have red or black shoes, but other colours are acceptable as long as they are solid colours. Make sure you leave no unpainted areas.

Let the paint dry on each shoe before bringing them back inside. The smell of spray paint can cause headaches and dizziness when left in an enclosed area. Once the paint is dry, bring the painted clown shoes back inside. Remove the balled-up newspaper from the clown shoes.

Lace up the clown shoes with a pair of bright shoelaces to really make the clown shoes stand out. Use a few clean sheets of newspaper to stuff inside the shoes toward the tips so that the clown shoes fit your feet. This will make the clown shoes more comfortable to walk in, although the tips will still be floppy.

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