How to Delete Songs From Your iPod Nano

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Is your perfect playlist plagued by that one song that you just aren't feeling anymore? Do you want to make room for new songs? Maybe you are getting tired of your whole library. No matter what your reason, deleting songs from your iPod Nano is as quick and easy as adding them.

Your iPod needs to be connected to your computer to delete songs. Find your iPod connector cable and attach the connector end to your iPod.

Plug the USB end of the cable into your computer.

Plug the USB end of the cable into your computer's USB port. Your computer needs to be turned on.

Once your iPod is connected to your computer, you should notice that the Apple iTunes software opens. You need this software to delete songs from your iPod. If didn't open, open it now. If you no longer have this software installed, you can download and install it for free through the Apple website link in the Resources section.

Look to the right-hand side of your iTunes program. You will see the menu column, and in that column you will see your iPod, indicated by the small iPod icon. It will be called whatever you were prompted to name it the first time you plugged it in. This is the place where you initially dragged songs to as you were loading them on your iPod.

Click on your device once you find it in iTunes. It will open the menus associated with your iPod. Directly below the name of your iPod you will see the word "music." Clicking there will display all of the songs currently on your iPod. Find the song you want to delete. You can either right click on it and chose delete from the menu, or select the song and hit the delete key on your keyboard. Both options will pop up a prompt that asks you if you would like to delete the song. Choose "yes" to delete it and "cancel" if you change your mind.

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