How to Make a Styrofoam Pyramid

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The pyramid has been a fascinating structure for countless generations. Schoolchildren and adults marvel at the workmanship and architecture of the gigantic triangular shape. A pyramid model is a project that will be a learning experience for any history class. A teacher can make a meticulously crafted pyramid with a removable section to disclose an interior anti-chamber with a sarcophagus model. A pyramid model can be a team project or a solo effort.

Use styrofoam in sheet form for your pyramid model.

Draw a triangle pattern in the desired size of the pyramid on a sheet of newspaper or cardboard. Cut it out.

Place pattern on sheet of styrofoam. Use a sharp paring knife to trace the triangle pattern into the foam.

Slowly cut the triangle out with styrofoam cutting tool or paring knife. Saw down into the foam.

Repeat with the three other triangles.

Cut the piece of foam core board for a base for your pyramid scene.

Carefully mitre the long sides of each triangle from bottom to top point by shaving them with a craft knife. Shave away from your body to prevent injury. Place one triangle next to another to test if they will fit into one another.

Cut a piece of dowel rod to 6 inches. Sharpen one end in a pencil sharpener. You want a slightly dull point. A pen that has run out of ink will also work.

Place the triangles on your work surface with points meeting. Use a basic ruler to draw lines into the triangles with the dowel "pencil." You are carving in the pattern of limestone blocks to replicate those a pyramid would be made from. Start at the top and progress downward. Keep your block patterns consistent when moving on to the next triangle. Each row should be offset, so the dividing line between two blocks is centred on a block from the row below.

Cut the sharp tips from several toothpicks. Insert them at the top and bottom of a triangle piece with the pointed part still exposed. Add a few more here and there up the side. Spread glue down the side of the triangle. Set it against another piece. The tooth picks will push into the second piece and help hold the two while the glue sets. Let dry, and repeat with the other triangles.

Position the pyramid on to the form core. Mark where it sits. Remove. Paint glue all over the foam core outside of the pyramid area. Sprinkle sand onto the glue. Let dry. Glue pyramid on to base.

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