How to Replace Your Turn Signal Relay in a VW Beetle

Volkswagen has designed their cars to make most minor repairs as simple as possible. This is a wonderful thing for the home mechanic but can end up being more expensive. The turn signal flasher relay is part of the emergency hazard flasher.

If you have the flasher go bad on your turn signals, just replace the emergency flasher unit and your Beetle is on the road with functioning turn signals.

Aim the small extension nozzle from the can of contact cleaner or WD40 at the base of the turn signal arm and squirt a small amount of oil. Operate the signal arm up and down for about a minute to work the oil into the contacts. It will clean any dirt or residue from the contacts.

Locate the hazard light switch on the dashboard near the center and above the console. Pull the hazard lights switch out and then continue pulling firmly until it releases and pulls through the opening in the dashboard. The unit is a combination hazard light switch, hazard light flasher, turn signal flasher and turn signal relay. It certainly is possible that you have observed problems that could be due to one or more of the functions of this one unit.

Obtain a replacement hazard light switch for your specific year and model Beetle. Place the replacement switch back into the opening in the dashboard and press it in place. Remember to press firmly so that the switch seats securely in the flasher holder in the back of the dashboard.

Start the Beetle. Check each set of lights to make sure that they work properly. In particular, check the turn signals and hazard lights. Make sure that when you turn the switch, they activate and blink.