How to Make a Zeus Costume

Zeus, the king of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder, is one of the most important gods in Greek Mythology. He is the father to many other gods and goddesses, including Athena, Apollo, Persephone and Dionysus.

Make a toga out of a long piece of white fabric. Wrap the fabric over the shoulder and around the waist. Secure the waist of the toga to the inside of the fabric that loops over the shoulder with a safety pin. Secure the inside of the fabric that loops over the shoulder to the outside of the skirt of the toga using a safety pin.

Drape a long piece of brown fabric across the bare shoulder, positioning it all around the costume and draping it over the opposite arm. Secure with safety pins.

Tie a piece of rope or make a belt out of dark green and gold fabric to tie around the waist. This will hide any imperfections and create a more authentic feel to the Zeus toga costume.

Create a lightning bolt. To make the lightning bolt sturdy, cut a piece of cardboard the desired size and shape of the lightning bolt and use it as a pattern to cut out two pieces of yellow felt. Glue a piece of yellow felt to each side of the cardboard lightning bolt pattern and let it dry. Paint the visible edges of the cardboard the same color yellow as the felt. Let dry.

Find a white wig and a long white beard. Wear a pair of multi-strapped brown sandals to create a more authentic Zeus costume.

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