How to send a fax from a post office

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With all the digital technology available today, we have numerous ways to send and receive information. An older method of sending information is through facsimile, or fax. Fax machines are a common instrument used in businesses throughout the world and a very convenient way to send paper documentation. In 1989, the U.S. Postal Service introduced a fax service for citizens to use. Today, this service is available in most post office locations throughout the country.

Call your local post office to see if they have fax service available. If your local post office is a small branch, they may not have the service, but will be able to tell you the closest available location that does.

Bring the documents you need to fax to the post office. The post office may have a fax machine available for you to use on your own or you may need to have an employee fax your documents for you.

If you do it yourself, first read the instructions on the fax machine. Key in the fax number by using the keypad, then place your documents in the feeding tray. Set them face down or face up depending on the machine. Press "Send" when you've entered the number and placed your documents appropriately. If an employee is faxing your documents, simply hand them over and tell her the fax number.

Pay for the fax service, either by credit or debit card, or paying cash to a post office employee. Obtain a receipt if desired.

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