How to create maps for wedding invitations

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Weddings are happy occasions for almost everyone--except for lost guests. Keep your guests happy with a map that directs them to the ceremony, where to park and, ideally, to the reception as well.

Write down all the stops that you want to provide directions to. Because guests typically come from all over, it may be best to start from the major freeway closest to your ceremony site and map the location from there.

Determine what other locations you want to list on your map, including your reception site (if it's different from your ceremony site), nearby hotels, your rehearsal dinner location, morning-after brunch, etc. This can be done easily if all of these events are in the same general area.

Visit the Wedding Planner website and create a free account.

Plug in the addresses of the various stops you want to map. Add pictures and icons (the Wedding Planner website allows you to flag your locations on your map with little limos, wedding cakes, hairdryers, etc.) to represent the various venues to provide more detail.

Play around with the way your map looks until you are happy with the amount of data you provided and the way it is displayed. Print out a couple test pages (it's under Print/Directions, For Your Invitations) to obtain the appropriate size.

Determine whether you want to add extra information to the invitations, such as what streets are one-way, where to park, what street means you've gone too far, alternative directions in case of street closures and other such details.

Print your maps on the paper you desire and cut them into an appropriate size. Include in your wedding invitations.

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