How to Become a Female Wrestler

While professional wrestling has traditionally been a male-dominated sport, more and more females are now getting into the act themselves. If signed to a contract by a major wrestling federation such as NWA-TNA or the WWE, professional wrestling can be quite lucrative for women.

Unfortunately, it is not the easiest sport to break into, but by following the steps below, you'll know what to do on your end to make this dream a reality.

Decide if you really want to become a wrestler. Professional wrestling, despite the fact that it is scripted, can be very difficult on the body. You will have to sacrifice a lot if you decide to become a pro wrestler, so make sure you're up to this challenge first. It will save you from going into something that really isn't right for you.

Start working out often. It's absolutely essential to be in good physical shape before trying to break into any sport--and this is especially the case with wrestling, because you will be lifting people who weigh as much or more than you do. Aim for 3 to 5 days per week working out.

Research wrestling schools that will train you to become a female pro wrestler. There are a lot of wrestling schools out there, and it's important to pick the right one. It's usually best to pick an established school with connections to the wrestling business, such as Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWA and Killer Kowalski's school, among others (see Resources below).

Apply for each wrestling school. Some will require you to demonstrate that you're up to the challenge, so be prepared to meet with the application's board in order to gain admission into the school.

Pick the wrestling school that meets your needs. For instance, some schools offer late night wrestling classes, while others do not.

Attend every wrestling class and work hard. You need to prove yourself to both the trainers and to any perspective employers. If there's an opportunity through your school to wrestle a dark, non-televised match for a national wrestling organisation, take advantage of it as it will help you to secure a career in a big wrestling organisation.

Send out tapes of your matches to national wrestling organisations such as the WWE, NWA-TNA and others (see Resources below). Along with the tape, tell them about yourself and what you can offer to the organisation.

Meet with people from any wrestling organisation to which you've applied and be sure to stress your ability. If you are good enough and make a good impression, you'll get hired and become a female pro wrestler.