How to host a 1960s party

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Hosting a 1960s theme party can be a fun way to bring together people you know and celebrate an era known for anti-war protests, Woodstock and music of the likes of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. The 1960s party theme holds enough diversity for party guests of all ages to have fun.

Design invitations with a peace sign in the background. Tell the guests to put on their sandals, bell-bottomed jeans and tie-die tank tops for a swinging '60s party!

Decorate with red lights, peace symbols, smiley faces, rainbow streamers, burning incense and beaded curtains. Cover tables in psychedelic-coloured fabric. Have an "Austin Powers" movie playing on your television.

Stock a makeover area for guests who show up without a 1960s outfit. This can include sandals, tie-dye shirts, bandannas, Afro wigs, large glasses, thin ties, go-go boots, mini skirts and berets.

Serve 1960s snacks like pigs in a blanket, devilled eggs, granola, crisps and onion dip, jelly beans and fondue. For dinner, serve veggie burgers. For dessert, have brownies. The drink of the evening can be one of the most popular drinks of the 1960s including gimlets, Vodka Daisies, Arnold Palmers (a non alcoholic beverage of tea and lemonade) and Heineken. Serve food on rainbow plates with rainbow-coloured napkins or tableware with a tie-dye pattern.

Put together a 1960s trivia quiz in advance. Prizes for the most answers correct could be CDs from 1960s artists, lava lamps and incense with incense holders.

Give each guest a peace-sign necklace as a small gift.