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How to Use Universal Remote Control Functions

Universal remote controls make operating a system of components easier while getting rid of the pile of manufacturer's remotes that quickly take over a room. Universal remotes can also be a frustration when extra features don't work or make sense to the user. Macros are features that make life easier once you know how to use them.

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  1. Program the universal remote so that all of the individual components are operating correctly. Verify that all of the primary functions for each device work and correct any commands necessary.

  2. Make a list of activities that use multiple components such as watching TV, listening to a CD or watching a DVD. List the individual buttons you have to press to make each activity work in the order required. Make a note of any short delays needed for devices to power up.

  3. Follow the manufacturer's directions for programming the macros and carefully put in the button sequence, including any delays. Powering up devices should start the sequence, followed by selecting the device inputs, changing channels or adjusting volume controls.

  4. Create macros to change from one activity to another, such as switching to watch cable at the end of a DVD. Program each button just as you would press them when performing the same change.

  5. Adjust and tweak the macro on the universal remote until it is working as you want it. Macros can take a little time to complete a sequence and must remain pointed at the devices in order to work properly.

  6. Determine the most important activities if the memory or macro capability of the universal remote is limited. Program the most common activities first.

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