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How to Make the Simpsons Duff Man Costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Duff Man may not be the most famous of the gigantic Simpsons cast, but he's surely one of the most recognizable. If you're looking to make a costume of the pitchman for Homer's favourite drink, you'd better divide it into two pieces. There's the Duff beer belt, and then there's the rest of the costume.

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  1. Take about eight to ten soda or beer cans. Soda will be less expensive. It's your choice to empty them or not--empty cans will crunch easily, but full cans means having a few mini-bombs on your belt.

  2. Paint the cans red. If you use Coca Cola cans, this isn't necessary. If you spray paint them, it may be a good idea to empty them first. You can't be too careful.

  3. Draw up labels of the Duff logo. You could either draw one copy by hand ad make colour copies of it, or use a computer art program and print up copies. Make enough labels for all your cans and affix one to each.

  4. Affix the cans onto a red-coloured belt. You will need some glue that will stick aluminium onto leather (or whatever the belt is made of). You could also glue straps to hold the cans in place instead.

  5. Make sure there is enough room on the belt for the loops to go through the buckle. Since Duff Man's belt shows nothing but cans around the front, you should wear the belt with the buckle in back.

  6. Put together a combination of a light blue T-shirt and pants. Track suit pants may be your best bet to find the shade you are looking for.

  7. Remove the sleeves from the T-shirt. Print another Duff logo twice the size of the can labels and place it on the front of the shirt. You may want to use screen-printing sheets made for T-shirts.

  8. Get a pair of red bikini briefs. Dyeing white ones can also work. Wear these over the blue pants.

  9. Add a pair of white gloves and boots. You may need to paint the boots white. In this case, rubber rain boots will work best because spray paints work well on rubber.

  10. Finish the costume with a red cape (of any material), a red baseball cap with the Duff logo and very dark sunglasses.

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Things You'll Need

  • Belt
  • Aluminum cans
  • Red and white paint
  • Blue T-shirt
  • Blue pants
  • Red bikini shorts
  • White gloves
  • White Boots
  • Red cape
  • Glue
  • Duff logo printouts

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