How to Recover Stolen Goods

Recover Stolen Goods

If you're the victim of thievery, one of the main things you want is your things back. People are robbed in every city every day. But once your property is gone, you start to wonder whether you might ever see it again. Here are some things you can do to recover your stolen goods.

Take inventory of what is stolen. The first thing you should do when you are a victim of thievery and you want your belongings back is to determine what is missing. Make a list of these items.

Call police. Tell the police exactly what is stolen. Officers likely will come to your location and check the premises themselves. Let them do an investigation. If they can catch the robbers, you have a better chance of recovering your stolen goods.

Follow up with police a couple weeks after your robbery incident. Find out if any of your goods have been recovered. Many times police notes can get crossed and they may not know which recovered pieces of property they have actually belong to whom. Calling them might just be the missing link.

Conduct your own investigation. After the police have left your house and collected data, look for evidence that might lead you to determine the identity of those who have robbed you.

Put ads in the local newspaper. If you print ads in your local newspaper, they just might be read by someone who realizes that they know where your missing property is.

Gather your things from police stolen property rooms when they have recovered your goods.

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