How to Notify Pawn Shops of Stolen Jewelry

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When something is stolen, the thief will often try to make money on the items by selling them at pawn shops. Many victims are inclined to go to each pawn shop in the area and notify them about their missing jewellery. However, the best way to do this is to file a police report. Pawn shops are required by law to submit descriptions of every item they purchase to the police. These items are then cross-checked with the descriptions on your police report to find any matches. Filing a police report saves you a lot of leg work and allows the pawn shops and police to do their jobs properly.

Contact the local police department and find out how to file a police report. Some police departments have online services that allow you to file a claim for items valued at less than £3,250. Others need you to come down to the station. Call the police if a theft has just happened in your home so they can come and do an investigation.

Provide the police with pictures of the jewellery or a sketch or written description of the jewellery. Include the size of the jewellery, the material used in it, the stones set in it, its shape, any embellishments and any inscriptions. If possible, contact the retail store where you purchased the jewellery if you are unsure of the jewellery's specifications.

File a police report by filling out the appropriate form and including the details of the jewellery and the crime. The police will record the theft and submit it to an online database. It will be cross-checked with any similar items that show up at pawn shops.

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