How to create cleavage with small breasts

Small breasts don't have to be a curse; in fact many large-breasted women would kill to have a smaller chest if it meant less sagging and back pain--things we A- and B-cup ladies don't have to contend with. Learn how to create cleavage with a few easy tricks by following these steps.

Meet cleavage's best friend, the push-up bra. Push-up bras have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market. Today you can find them in all kinds of styles and designs to suit your personality and needs. You can add even more oomph--up to an entire cup size--with gel or air inserts.

Buy a convertible bra and cross the bra straps in the back to pull the cups closer together in the front. This brings the breasts together and lifts them up, which makes them look bigger and creates exactly what you want--cleavage.

Practice good posture. Keep your shoulders straight in order to engage your chest muscles, otherwise the skin tissues weaken and deteriorate, which leads to saggy breasts. Yoga and Pilates can also benefit posture and strengthen your chest muscles, adding to the appearance of sexier cleavage.

Wear tops that distract from a small bust line. Look for patterned or pocketed tops instead of a solid. Find tops with a unique, asymmetrical neck line. Deep v-necks are a no-no, but narrow v-necks make small breasts appear fuller.

Pair your tops with jeans that feature a slight flare. The flare creates the appearance of a smaller waist, which in turn makes your breasts look bigger.

Dig into your makeup bag. Dust a little light, shimmery powder across your entire chest. Create definition with subtle swipes of bronzer applied between the breasts and there you have it--instant cleavage.