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How to Play an iPod Shuffle Through Stereo Speakers

The iPod Shuffle is built for you to clip onto your jacket, purse or pocket and carry with you wherever you go. Its portability doesn't end there; you can also play your Shuffle through stereo speakers in your house, car or outdoors.

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  1. Purchase a cassette tape car kit. Plug the cassette connector into your iPod, place the cassette into the tape deck and play your music through the stereo speakers.

  2. Employ an inexpensive stereo cable or patch cord to connect your Shuffle to your stereo. Just connect each end, power on and push play.

  3. Use an FM radio transmitter. Belkin and Griffin make several models that work with your iPod. Connect the transmitter to your device and to your power source (many run on batteries) and tune your ratio to your personal iPod station.

  4. Find stereo/speaker kits and other iPod accessories in the Apple store. This is a more expensive option, but may be better if you don't know much about electronic equipment.

  5. Tip

    Tune your FM radio transmitter to a static station that doesn't already have music playing. This helps you get your music without the interference of another transmission.


    Make sure the stereo cord plug fits into your iPod Shuffle before purchasing anything. Standard sizes should work, but be careful not to force a plug and damage your iPod.

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