How to become a naturalist

If you love nature and being outdoors and have a strong desire to preserve the world's ecology, become a naturalist. Naturalists observe animal and plant life and participate in projects geared toward protecting and preserving geographical areas such as forests, parks, rivers and wetlands. Become a naturalist and involve yourself in a fun and exciting career.

Observe the natural world around you. Go into the woods with a camera and notebook and record things you see: animal life, vegetation and any signs of recent wildlife activity.

Support conservation organizations. Make donations and volunteer your time, if possible, to help these organizations reach their goals.

Volunteer at an animal shelter or work as a veterinary technician or assistant. Join community programs that are involved in helping keep the environment clean.

Take master naturalist courses. Many universities and colleges or naturalist volunteer associations offer these classes to direct you to become a certified master naturalist.

Join a naturalist association. Most states have a state naturalist association. Check your area for a local organization.

Choose an area of nature you would like to concentrate on. Perhaps you have a desire to observe animal life, or wish to become active in preserving natural parks. Find your niche.

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