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How to Toast Hot Dog Buns

If you are a hot dog fan, then it is likely that you enjoy a dog that has a bun with a nice toasted flavor. Toasted hot dog buns are particularly delicious with hot dogs that have been cooked on the grill. To add flavor to your hot dogs, take an extra minute to toast the buns.

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  1. Add a light coating of butter. Traditional hot dog buns become more flavorful if a very thin layer of butter is placed on top before toasting.

  2. Place the buns on the grill while you are cooking your hot dog. Put the buns face down on the grill, preferably the top rack. The hot dog buns only take a minute or two to get toasted.

  3. Use the broiler to toast hot dog buns. A broiler can usually fit at least four or more buns at one time. Toast them on a low setting for a couple of minutes until they are golden brown.

  4. Toast the hot dog buns in a conveyor toaster. There are mini versions of these toasters that can be bought and used in the home. You put the buns face down and let them travel through the toaster until they are warmed. For darker buns, you may want to put the buns through several times.

  5. Purchase a hot dog toaster. Nostalgia and Fresh Finds both manufacture a toaster that is specifically designed to toast hot dogs and their buns. You can adjust the settings on these toasters to cook the buns and hot dogs to your desired taste.

  6. Tip

    By toasting your hot dog bun, you prevent the bread from becoming soggy. If you like your hot dogs cooked a different way, you can use your hot dog toaster for only cooking the buns.

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