How to Become a Boilermaker

Making boilers takes a lot of skill, and boilermakers are well compensated for the skill and training it takes to become one. A boilermaker has to be expertly trained for several years in order to make boilers for steam ships, factories and other places that need water under pressure. To begin the training, a prospective boilermaker must be 18 or older and must have no fear of heights.

Take high school courses in metal work, welding or other technical courses that can help you with the initial skills necessary to become a boilermaker. Find out about programs allowing high school students to take courses at technical colleges. Complete high school or get a GED.

Seek out a community or technical college offering the appropriate classes to become a boilermaker. Complete any courses the college offers.

Find a local union that helps aspiring boilermakers to attain apprenticeships. Contact the Boilermakers National Apprentice Program for help in finding a nearby union or for finding an apprenticeship. Select a boilermaker who will offer you an apprenticeship and begin working.

Stay in the apprenticeship and become a journeyman boilermaker. Take on more difficult jobs as your experience progresses.

Train as an apprentice for at least 600 hours. Take classes for at least 144 hours. Use the rest of our time to complete 48 lessons by self study. Keep up the apprenticeship for at least 4 years.

Study welding and practice for the welding certification exam. Pass the exam and be eligible for any boilermaker job.

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