How to Care for a Yucca Plant

The trunk of the yucca plant sports branches with palm-like leaves at the end. This houseplant typically grows slowly indoors and requires good care to produce new growth.

Purchase yucca plants according to how big of a plant you want and how much you want to spend. Yucca plants grow slowly, so you should start with a plant which is almost the maximum size you want. However, because they are slow growing, large yucca plants can be expensive.

Give yucca plants bright light including direct sunlight. Yucca plants must receive several hours of direct sunlight every day. The plant is slow growing under optimal conditions, but if it does not receive high light it may not grow at all.

Provide yucca plants lower temperatures in the winter, if possible. Otherwise, yucca plants will survive in most home temperature environments.

Keep the potting mix moist by watering frequently in spring, summer and fall. In the winter, allow most of the potting mix to dry out in between waterings.

Use heavy pots. Yucca plants can become top heavy because most of their growth is at the top of the plant. Clay or ceramic pots are better than plastic or wood. Placing rocks around the base of the plant also adds extra bottom weight.

Move your yucca outside in the summer. Because these plants require high light in the summer and tolerate high heat, they benefit from being outside. Ensure the plant gets several hours a day of direct sun and water it several times a week when the soil begins to dry out.

Go to the website Dave's Garden for expert tips on how to care for a yucca plant as well as tips from other yucca plant owners. Click on "Plant Files," go to "Click here to search for plants" and enter "yucca" in the genus field.

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