How to Care For Bamboo Plant

Care For Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are relatively low-maintenance, needing little personal care. After purchasing a healthy plant, follow the steps below to maintain it.

Water the bamboo plant with filtered water or rain water to avoid the chemicals in tap water. For an even healthier plant, use soiled water from a fish tank or bowl.

Keep the water level in the container high. It should never be less than half-filled. The roots of the plants must be completely submerged.

Empty the water, and refill about once a week.

Allow the bamboo plants indirect light at a moderate level. Bamboo grows in thick, shady forests. Too much light will kill the plant. The plant will turn yellow if it is too dry.

Feed the bamboo plant a few drops of aquarium plant food about once a month. Do this by changing the water.

If the bamboo plant is kept in a soil pot instead of water, make sure the soil is constantly damp, but not over soaked. If the top inch of soil is dry then it's time to water.

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