How to manually eject a CD tray in a Dell

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Most Dell laptops come with a built-in optical disc drive for reading CDs and DVDs. This can normally be opened by locating the drive under "My Computer" and selecting "Eject." There will also be an "Eject" button located on the drive itself.

Pressing the button will usually open the drive but sometimes a software problem or a physical issue such as a jammed disc may prevent it from opening. If this happens you may be able to use a fallback emergency release mechanism to eject the tray.

Press the "Eject" button at the side of the disc drive. If this does not work, click "Start" then "My Computer." Right-click the CD drive then click "Eject." If this does not work, try the emergency release mechanism.

Straighten a metal paperclip. Other stiff wires can be used but a paperclip is the perfect thickness.

Locate the pinhole near the "Eject" button and gently insert the paperclip. Push gently until you feel or hear a small click and the CD tray partly opens.

Remove the paperclip from the pinhole. Take hold of the tray and gently pull it fully open.