How to make fake sonograms

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Faking a pregnancy may not gain much respect, but there are circumstances where women may feel like it is necessary. Perhaps you want to fake a pregnancy in a last-ditch effort to save your marriage or faking is simply a gag in questionable taste. Regardless of the reason, a feigned pregnancy can gain considerable credibility when a fake sonogram picture is available.

Search the web for a high-quality sonogram image. When you find one of the appropriate pregnancy stage you are faking with the gender you desire, right-click on the photo with your mouse and select "Save." Make sure that the photo you save has the original top information, such as the real mother's name, the hospital name and the date.

Open the image for editing within Photoshop or another imaging program. Click the colour selector icon that looks like an eyedropper on the background of the sonogram's top where all the typing is located. Then, left-click and hold on your mouse to create a box around the text you need to change. Press the fill icon that looks like a paint bucket, and all of the text you need to change will disappear.

Click on the text icon that looks like a capital "T." Left-click on your mouse to create a text box in the photo's header, then type in your name, pretend hospital and the date you are claiming to have had a sonogram. Use the font tool to adjust the text to match any other text on the photo as closely as possible.

Put one sheet of glossy photo paper in your printer. Left-click on File on the top of the imaging program window and select "Print." Repeat for multiple fake sonograms.

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