How to check online to see when your British passport expires and renew it

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Today, the process of checking online the expiry date of your British passport, and then renewing it, is a relatively straightforward one.

But, just as with any process that involves providing personal data to an agency of the British Government, there are certain steps that you need to follow -- and follow carefully -- to ensure you don't slow down the process of renewal.

Renewal and expiration

The first step in the process of checking the expiry date of your British passport, and then renewing it, is to go to the British Government's website:, which is constructed and maintained by the Cabinet Office's Government Digital Service (GDS). At the top of the page you will see a section entitled "Driving, transport and travel." Click on that link. When it has opened, scroll down it and you'll find -- near the foot of the page, on the left -- a heading of "Passports and travelling abroad." Open that page and you're ready for the next step. At the top of the "Passports and travelling abroad" page there is a link. Its title is "Renew or replace your adult passport." When you have opened the link, you will see a variety of data on renewing your British passport.

If you want to know when your British passport expires, simply scroll down the "Renew or replace your adult passport" page to the box headed "Passport adviceline." That segment of the website provides you with a telephone number to call, where staff can advise you of how, and where, to find the expiry date on your current passport. It should be noted that staff will not provide personal, specific data on an individual passport, or holder, over the telephone. There are no restrictions on when you can renew your passport, as the available time left on your existing documentation will be added to the new one, providing it does not exceed 9 months. Any time above that 9 month period will be lost.

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Take note that the turnaround time on renewing a passport is three weeks to a month. Therefore, if time is pressing, make an appointment with your nearest Passport Customer Service Centre, where staff can lessen the waiting period for your passport renewal. Contact details for Passport Customer Service Centres can be found at the "Get a passport urgently" page of the website. If time is not an issue, online renewal is recommended. Go to the "Application form" sub-section of the "Renew or replace your adult passport" page. Click on the "Fill in the form online" link, which will take you to the documentation itself. You will also find here data on how to complete the form, as well as information on payment methods and required personal data, such as name, date of birth, address, and passport number. Then, when completed, submit the form. Congratulations: you have just renewed your British passport!