How can I turn on my Favourites toolbar?

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Bookmarking websites in Internet Explorer automatically adds them to your Favourites folder, which you can access from the Favourites toolbar.

The latest version of Internet Explorer doesn't display the Favourites toolbar by default, but you can toggle the Web browser to activate and display your Favourites toolbar with a couple of mouse-clicks on your computer, or swipes and taps on a touchscreen device.

Click or tap the "Internet Explorer" tile on the Start screen to launch Internet Explorer. Alternatively, double-click the "Internet Explorer" program icon on the Windows desktop.

Right-click anywhere on the screen to display the browser address bar. On a touchscreen device, swipe down from the top of the screen to display the address bar, which appears in the lower part of the screen.

Click or tap the "Search" box next to the address bar. Internet Explorer displays your Favourites along with pinned and frequently-visited sites on a toolbar above the address bar.

Click or tap the "Favourites" button to view a full list of all the sites you've bookmarked. Internet Explorer displays the sites in the order you bookmarked them, with the most recent listed at the top. If you can't easily find the website, right-click any favourite site or folder, and then select "Sort by name" to display the sites in alphabetical order.

Click or tap the name of the favourite website to go to the site. Internet Explorer opens the site in the currently open browser tab.