How to Unlock Magnetic Locks

Several key features make magnetic locks attractive security options for a variety of organisations. Magnetic locks mount to door frames, making them useful for glass doors. According to SDM magazine, they also disengage during emergencies and have low maintenance requirements.

Another key feature of magnetic locks are their high level of security. Magnetic locks cannot be picked and a magnetic lock rated for 454 Kilogram can resist almost all forceful entry attempts--assuming the door doesn't break. These security features make unlocking magnetic locks without prior authorisation next to impossible. However, authorised users can open magnetic locks in several ways.

Present suitable identification to enter the building. This is the most common way to gain entry to a door with a magnetic lock. Pass your electronic key over the door's electronic lock or ring the intercom and have the security staff buzz you in.

Another method is to disrupt the door's electrical source or set off the building's fire alarms. However, in many areas it is a crime to vandalise electrical systems or activate fire alarms if there is not a fire.

If you are inside of the building trying to get out, you can utilise the door's exit technology to release the magnetic lock. Many magnetic locks open without identification on the exit side, requiring users to merely push against a lever on the door or to stand in front of a motion sensor.

In a critical situation you can activate the emergency panic button next to the inside of the door to disengage the magnetic locks. You may need to flip open a protective cover to access the panic button. A panic button, which is hard-wired to the door, causes a direct fault that releases the lock even if the other unlocking mechanisms fail to work.