Origami Paper Flowers for Beginners

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Origami flowers are easy to make, even for beginners. Almost any type of flower can be made by folding paper, but it's best to start off with a simple pattern and move on to more complicated ones once you have become adept at the different types of folds.

Paper Selection

Use any type of paper you like for your origami flower project, though beginners should start with a simple paper such as those used for copying or printing. Notebook paper can be used, as well as construction or crepe paper. Follow pattern instructions and cut your paper into a square or rectangle before beginning.

Pattern Choices

Paper can be folded into almost any flower shape, ranging from simple to extremely intricate. Begin by selecting a rose, tulip, sunflower or other simple shape before graduating to complicated flowers with more petals or a prominent stamen. Learn to fold a basic flower stem and add it to any kind of flower shape.

Basic Folds

Always fold each crease exactly as described. Pay close attention to instructions and take a few moments to become acquainted with basic origami folds (see Resources) before beginning work on your flowers. Crease folds by pressing them with your thumbnail to keep your work crisp and clean.