Garmin Nuvi Car Charger Problems

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The Garmin Nuvi is a line of GPS vehicle navigation devices that provides voice prompts along the route to your destination. The Nuvi has an internal lithium-ion battery that is most frequently charged using your car's 12V power adaptor.

Power Source

The Nuvi will use your car's power to charge its battery, but your car must be on. If your car is not turned on, it will not supply enough power to adequately charge the battery.


The temperature affects your Nuvi's ability to charge. Only attempt to charge your Nuvi in temperatures between 0 and 45 degrees Celsius.


Do not place your Nuvi in direct sunlight while charging. It can cause the device to overheat and prevent charging as well as damage the batteries.


Check the fuse at the tip of the power adaptor if the unit is not charging when plugged into your car. The fuse type is displayed on the side of the power adaptor. See your Nuvi manual for detailed instructions on how to replace the fuse.