The Importance of Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation in Business Writing

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Spelling, grammar and punctuation are three important components in business writing. These three aspects of writing help business documents look more professional and allow readers to feel more confident with the companies writing the letters. You can learn proper ways to write letters by researching ways online or by attending seminars that focus on these subjects.

Types of Writings

Businesses use several different ways to send communication to employees, customers and others. These include e-mails, letters, memos, instant messages and faxes. No matter the mode of written communication, always proofread your documents before sending them.


Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation in business communications make business communications appear more professional. If you receive a letter from a business that contains misspelled words or poor grammar, you may perceive the company writing the letter as unprofessional. Good spelling, grammar and punctuation make recipients of these letters more confident in the company writing them and save the company potential embarrassment that might result in damage to its reputation.


Business writings that contain inaccurate grammar or spelling may cause confusion in the reader. Employees should be proficient in writing in order to convey the appropriate message for which they are writing. When information is properly communicated, productivity can actually increase. For example, if a company sends a clear, well-written memo to employees, there is a better chance that the employees will follow the directions stated on it than if they receive a poorly written one that is unclear or hard to understand.

Reasons for Poor Writing

Poor business writing can occur for several reasons. Many employees feel rushed to accomplish all of their work and therefore hurry through tedious jobs such as sending e-mails or creating memos. Other employees just are not well educated in writing. They can improve their skills, however, through proper training and guidance.

Tips and Cures

If you are a business owner, choose employees that are well versed in writing and have these employees handle all of the outgoing business communications. Teach other employees how to use a spell checker and grammar checker, and create a manual or purchase a book that contains pertinent information about how to write properly. Refer employees to websites that offer free tips on business writing.

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