How to Scotchguard Clothing

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Stains are often difficult to get out of clothes, partly because they happen quickly and set in before they are noticed. Applying Scotchgard to clothing before something gets spilt will save you the trouble of trying to get rid of a set-in stain.

Scotchgard stops spills from soaking into fabric fibres, effectively blocking stains. Test for colour fastness on a seam or hemline before applying Scotchgard to the exposed area of the garment, and let the garment dry completely before it is worn.

Hang the garment in a well-ventilated area. Use one hanger if you are treating a shirt or dress with Scotchgard and two hangers for trousers, with one pant leg draped over each hanger.

Shake the can of stain-resistant spray.

Hold the Scotchgard can upright, 8 inches away from the surface of the garment. Spray a light layer of Scotchgard over the outer surface of the garment, using a smooth and continuous motion.

Rearrange the garment as necessary, lifting sleeves, legs or pleats outward so the spray coats the entire surface of the garment.