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The salary of a LEGO designer

Updated February 21, 2017

LEGO comes from the two Danish words, "leg godt," and means play well. LEGO sells their products in more than 130 countries and are the world's largest producer of construction toys.

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A general LEGO model maker earns between £19,825 and £31,200 per annum (as of 2010). Senior designers can earn more.

Experience and Qualifications

You do not need formal qualifications to become a LEGO model maker but if you have a background in art and design or architecture this will help you to get a job there.

How to Apply

Go to the official LEGO website and look under 'Jobs.' Jobs in LEGO companies all over the world are listed. If no jobs are currently available, you can add your resume to a candidate pool online. If you do apply for a job at LEGO, the process takes between eight to 12 weeks.

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