Is Cyclamen an Annual or Perennial Plant?

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Cyclamen is a Mediterranean plant that grows from a perennial bulb. This flower produces masses of blossoms in pink, red, purple and white. Cyclamen go dormant after blossoming in order to replenish their energy for another round of flowering.


Perennials are plants that grow, go dormant and then regrow from the underground roots. This type of plant lives for years with the right care. As they go through their yearly cycle, perennials either produce seeds or grow larger around the base of the plant.


Cyclamen goes dormant during the hot summer months. As the weather cools off, this plant produces foliage followed by an outbreak of blossoms. The bulb under the ground gives the plants the resources to survive during the summer.


Cyclamen leaves turn yellow and fall off the plant as it goes into dormancy. At this point, this perennial is resting and not dead. Place the cyclamen plant in a shady area until new growth appears, then move it to a bright area.