How Has Modern Technology Affected Our Lives?

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Modern technology has undoubtedly made a serious impact on the world, particularly through the global interconnectedness fostered by the Internet, mobile telephony and handheld computing. These developments have rapidly increased the pace of trends such as globalisation.

The End of Distance

Modern technology has made the world smaller. Where early in the century it could take news months to circulate from one continent to another, that same information is now a phone call, change of the channel or mouse click away. Distance has ceased to serve as a barrier to communication.


With the end of distance and increasing interconnectedness has come the emergence of a more unified global culture. Take McDonald's, for example, which is now recognised in nearly every country across the globe, so much so that the company's so-called Big Mac Index (which compares the price of a McDonald's Big Mac in different countries) is thought to be a fairly accurate ranking of global currency values.

Decreasing Privacy

The evolution of the Internet, particularly in terms of information indexing and search engine performance, has made it increasingly difficult for individuals to remain anonymous. In a sense, it is no longer possible for a single individual to control what about them is public knowledge. For many, this is a source of great anxiety and concern.

A Faster Moving World

Modern technology has made everything happen faster. We communicate faster, we learn faster, and events of worldwide importance seem to happen faster and with increasing frequency. In sum total, modern technology has accelerated the process of human social development.

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