Specs on the Lister TS2 Engine

Lister-Petter is a British company that produces diesel, internal combustion engines for heavy industry. Lister-Petter was formed in 1986 when Petters Limited and R. A. Lister and Company merged.


The TS2 is an air-cooled, direct-injection, diesel engine meant for heavy industrial use. This engine is designed for continuous use and features a direct-injection combustion system which allows for easy start and low fuel usage.

TS2 Specifications

The TS2 features a two-cylinder engine which produces up to 23.1 horsepower. The cylinder capacity is 1.27 litres and features a stroke of 3.5 inches. It can hold four litres of oil, and has a dry weight of 185 Kilogram. The TS2 is 22.5 inches in length, 20.5 inches wide and stands 26.9 inches tall.


While the TS2 is a motor meant to be operated continuously, Lister-Petter recommends that oil service is performed after every 250 hours of usage.

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