What Is the Fuse in a Mobility Scooter?

A mobility scooter contains two fuses: one located in the control panel of the unit, and the other located in the battery pack. Fuses protect electronic circuits from becoming oversupplied with power.

Expert Insight

If the mobility scooter becomes inoperable, reset the circuit breaker. If this action doesn't resolve the problem, check the fuse in the control panel, advises Shoprider. Replace a blown fuse to restore power to the mobility scooter.


A battery charger allows you to charge the batteries within the battery pack. The batteries supply power to the mobility scooter. A charger that won't hold a charge may indicate a blown fuse in the battery pack.


Test fuses with a multimeter. Touch each end of the fuse with a probe of the multimeter; electricity should flow through the fuse. If the multimeter detects no sign of an electrical current, replace the damaged fuse.

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