What Is the Cost of French Drain Installation?

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Homeowners want to keep water away from their foundations. This is a critical step in avoiding unwanted water damage. French drains can be an effective way of diverting water away from your home.

Do it Yourself

If you choose to install the French drains yourself, you can keep the overall cost to a minimum. The essential materials needed include PVC piping and crushed stone to surround the pipe. PVC pipe will vary in cost based on its size, quality and your home's foundation size.

Professional Installation

When hiring a professional to install French drains, her labour is the primary source of the charges, not the relatively cheap materials. Estimates for an 18-foot system with an additional 15-foot extension to the curb lands between £520 and £585, according to 2010 prices.

Alternative Cost

Measure the potential cost of not putting in French drains or related drainage systems. In determining your spending, factor in the possibility for repairing water damage to your basement or replacing a sump pump. Whether you swap in a replacement sump pump or employ a plumber, it will easily mean several hundred dollars.

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