Standard height for towel rings

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Towel rings are very handy to have in just the right spot. People come in all shapes, sizes and heights and bathrooms are just as diverse. Determining just the exact place for a towel ring takes planning.


There is no set standard mounting height for a towel ring. Comfort and ease of use are the main objectives when selecting a mounting location. Allow enough room from the bottom of the ring to the countertop, about 18 inches, for a hand towel to hang freely.


Since they are used for hand towels, most towel rings are mounted near the sink. Stand in front of the sink and reach out toward the wall where the towel ring will be mounted. Consider mounting the towel ring on the wall near where your fingers naturally point.

Children’s Bathrooms

Children will need a lower towel ring to easily reach the towel. Placing the towel ring on a side wall instead of behind the sink is more accessible.

Seniors' Bathrooms

Seniors also have special considerations. Mounting height may be the same as for other adults, but easy access is of the utmost importance.

Other Accessories

Installing a towel ring at the same height as other wall accessories in the bathroom will help the room look coordinated.

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