Brushed Cotton Vs. Polyester

As far as fabrics go, cotton (brushed or otherwise) and polyester are about as different and two textiles can get. Cotton is a natural fibre, which means it comes from a substance that is present in nature, namely, the cotton plant. Polyester is entirely man-made out of synthetic substances.

Brushed Cotton

By definition, brushed cotton is cotton fabric that has been brushed thoroughly to remove any lint or excess fibres from the cloth, leaving the fabric feeling exceptionally smooth and soft to the touch.

Uses for Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton is a multipurpose fabric that can be used for many things. Typically it is found in clothing or bedding, due to the soft texture of the material. Flannel shirts are often made of a brushed cotton fabric.


Polyester is long chemically composed chains of ester, alcohols and acid. Polyester is very strong and durable.

Qualities of Polyester

Aside from being strong and durable, polyester is also impervious to most chemicals, stains and abrasions. Polyester retains its shape without shrinking or stretching or getting wrinkled. It is easily washed and dried and is fast-drying, thus making it a good choice for outdoor gear.

Uses & Care

Polyester was most widely used in the 1970s to make suits. Due to its strength, polyester is also commonly used to make ropes. Polyester is easy to clean and typically does not need to be ironed.