Can Small Mimosa Trees Be Grown Indoors in Winter?

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Mimosas are popular trees for landscaping and garden ornaments. Because they require warm temperatures, they are best moved indoors during harsh winters.


Mimosa trees are also known as silk trees because they are covered with silvery bark and thousands of tiny hairs. These hairs give the trees a fuzzed appearance.


Mimosa trees can grow up to 30 feet in both height and spread if they're not closely trimmed. The flowers are small, globular and golden yellow. They bloom in late winter and early spring.

Growing Needs

Mimosa trees are drought-resistant and need full sun. Although they can survive mild winters, they need to be protected in harsh winters and do better if they're kept warm rather than left outdoors. Mimosa trees require some pruning to help them keep their shape and prevent them from growing too tall. They also need to be watered consistently, especially just after planting and while indoors. They are tolerant of poor soils, and do not need fertilising.

Indoor Growing

If mimosas are small enough, and potted, they can be grown inside permanently, but they should receive full sun and regular watering to keep them healthy and thriving.


Mimosa trees grow well in pots and indoors, but can be messy trees, as they have a habit of dropping leaves, blossoms and bark.

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