Information on the jug dog breed

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The Jug dog breed is relatively new, appearing around 2003, according to The Jug is a hybrid dog, meaning it is a cross between two breeds; in this case, the Jack Russell terrier and the pug. While it is impossible to characterise a dog breed and fit every example of that breed into specific categories, there are some general characteristics to keep in mind when considering a jug puppy as a pet.


Most jug puppies have the look of a pug with Jack Russell size and shape. In other words, they have short, tan hair with dark black spots on their faces and muzzles. They tend to have short, floppy ears and curling tails. Some of these puppies, however, turn out black or have the coarser hair of a Jack Russell.


There is no way to predict exactly how an individual dog will behave. However, Jack Russell terriers and pugs are both friendly breeds and good with children; it is reasonable to assume a hybrid of these breeds would also be that way.


The pug and the Jack Russell are both very small dogs, approximately 10 to 15 inches tall and weighing 4.54 to 9.07 Kilogram, according to Therefore, a mixture of these two dogs will also yield a similar size.

Breed Recognition

Since the jug is a hybrid or mixed-breed dog, it will never be a registered purebred on its own. This is unimportant for most pet owners who simply want a dog to be a part of their families, not for show purposes.

Care Needs

Owners of jugs on report that their pets require a lot of physical exercise, and they love to run and chase squirrels and other small animals. For this reason, a jug puppy would need to be safely kept in a yard with a fence and plenty of room and time to run or walk during the day.

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