Cold calling job description

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Cold calling is a form of direct marketing carried out over the phone. Telemarketers are employed by various companies to place calls and solicit customers. When placing calls, the telemarketer introduces new products or services to potential customers and initiates the sale of a product or service.

Duties and responsibilities

A telemarketer generally works inside an office or may have the option of telecommuting from a home office. Generally, calls are placed during the day or early evening hours during the weekdays. A list of potential customers or previous customers is usually given to the telemarketer. The telemarketer is then given a call script to follow to assist in introducing and selling the product or service. The telemarketer follows the script, answers any questions and attempts to either set up an appointment or close the sale on the telephone.

Skills and abilities

A telemarketer must possess strong communication skills and the ability to negotiate effectively. A pleasant phone voice is also essential as well as possessing strong sales skills.


Many types of businesses use telemarketers to place cold calls as a way of obtaining new customers and introducing products or services.


Employers use a variety of titles when hiring people to place cold calls. Some of the titles include sales representative, telephone marketer, telemarketer, sales agent and telephone representative.


Although no formal education is required, courses in sales are helpful when applying for a position that involves placing cold calls.