What Is the Purpose of Glycerine in Baking?

Glycerine has many uses due to its malleability. One of the ways it comes in handy is for baking and it is often used by avid bakers when creating homemade icing.


Food-grade glycerine is a syrupy, odourless liquid used in baking because it adds sweetness to foods and helps retain moisture.


When used in baking, it is often used to soften icing and fondant. Glycerine helps to prevent sugar crystallisation in candy.


Due to the consistency of glycerine, it can be used to thin out icing paste colours if they get too thick, thus making it easier to decorate or write on the cake's face.


Fondant can be harder to work with than traditional icing and baking techniques. Using glycerine when making the fondant allows the final product to be looser, easier to apply and easier to work with.


While glycerine is not a must have in all baking, it does come in handy for avid bakers, those trying to create homemade icing, and those dipping into the world of fondant. It's easy texture and sweet taste add a special touch without changing the taste of your baked goods.

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