Is it safe to apply frontline plus twice in one month?

Image by, courtesy of Stefano Mortellaro

Veterinarians prescribe Frontline Plus for dogs and cats to kill parasite eggs and larvae by preventing their growth. The medication can be used on healthy dogs and cats that are over 8 weeks old, even if they are pregnant or nursing.


Frontline Plus is mainly used to control fleas and ticks, but also helps control sarcoptic mange mites and chewing lice.


Frontline Plus is applied to the skin of your dog or cat and takes about 24 hours to spread over your pet's skin oil and into hair follicles. It is not absorbed into the skin or blood. Do not let your pet get wet for about 24 hours after application.


Frontline Plus continues to work for 30 days. Although overdose complications have not been reported at up to five times the normal dose, it is not recommended to use more than once a month. Increased use may result in application site reaction. If your pet has a skin reaction to the medication and washing the area does not relieve the symptoms, contact your vet.

Side Effects

Some dogs and cats may be allergic to the drug. Sick or old animals are more likely to react and should not be treated with Frontline Plus.


If you still see parasites, you may need to treat your home and yard to stop reinfestation.

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