Will Vegetable Oil Kill Mange Mites?

Janie Airey/Lifesize/Getty Images

Home cooking oils, like vegetable oil, may provide temporary relief for mange mite infections in household pets. The oils can sometimes kill some of the infecting mites, but they should not replace veterinary care.


Mange is an itchy skin condition caused by a mite infestation, according to the Boxer Dogs website. It causes red, itchy, inflamed patches on the eyes, lower limbs and lips. Over time, mange causes hair loss and thick skin.

Benefits of Cooking Oils

Using cooking oils on mange infections helps remove the waxlike deposits left behind by mites. Oil helps soothe inflamed skin, and a vegetable oil treatment may kill some mites, although it won't eliminate an infection.


To help calm and soothe a pet infected with mange, bathe the animal in lukewarm, soapy water that contains several drops of vegetable oil.


Prolonged mange infections can cause permanent skin damage. It is important to seek veterinary care in addition to using vegetable oil. Wash your hands and all clothing after bathing a dog because mange mites spread through contact.

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