Uses of Metacam

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Metacam is the brand name for a medication that is used for pain relief in dogs. The generic name of the medicine is meloxicam. Metacam is used to manage and treat dogs that are suffering from aches and pains of arthritis. The medication can also be used to control pain that results from surgery, injury, cancer and dental infection.

Side Effects

Dogs using Metacam may experience various side effects. These side effects include loss of appetite, throwing up, nausea and diarrhoea. Should your dog experience any of these side effects, use of the medication should be ceased immediately and the veterinarian consulted. The dog will need to have both a renal parameter blood test and liver enzyme test conducted.


Metacam can be taken on both a full or an empty stomach. If your dog experiences stomach upset as a result of the medication, it might be beneficial for the medication to be administered when he is full. The medication tends to become effective approximately 8 hours after it is taken.


Metacam is not appropriate or safe for all dogs. Pregnant or lactating dogs should not take Metacam. Also, puppies that are less than 6 months old should not take this medication (its safety has not yet been confirmed). Dogs that have impaired heart, kidney or liver functions also should not take this medicine.


There are several benefits of using Metacam on dogs. It can be safely used as a long-term treatment option for animal osteoporosis. It also can safely be given to dogs that are elderly or very small in size. Dogs respond well to Metacam because it has a honey flavour.


Metacam comes in liquid suspension form, which makes administering the correct dosage amounts easy. Dogs can receive accurate doses and pills do not have to be split. The pain relief from Metacam lasts for approximately 24 hours at a time.

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