Can You Upgrade the Memory of an XBox 360 Arcade?

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The Xbox 360 Arcade is the cheapest and most basic of the Xbox 360 systems. Unlike its brothers, it does not come with a hard drive, but with 256MB of internal memory instead.

External Memory Card Upgrade

The Xbox 360 Arcade can be upgraded by purchasing external memory cards that plug in to the memory card ports on the front of the unit. These memory cards come in sizes of 64MB, 256MB and 512MB.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Every Xbox 360 has a hard drive port. As of 2009, Microsoft offers hard drives of 20GB, 60GB and 120GB that can be plugged into the port.

Memory Card Prices

As of 2009, the 64MB card typically costs £9.70, the 256MB costs £12.90 and the 512MB is priced at £16.20.

Hard Drive Prices

The Xbox 360 hard drives are very popular because they can hold game demos, movies and even entire video games. As of 2009, the 20GB hard drive sells for between £26 and £32, the 60GB typically costs between £52 and £58, and the 120GB has an average selling price of between £65 and £97.

Choosing the Right Upgrade

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If you download big files such as game demos, movies or full games, a hard drive would be a better fit. If you just use your memory for game saves, an external memory card will work fine.

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